Congratulations! Your Ancestors Were Hanged By King George

…is not exactly what the letter from the North Carolina Mecklenburg County Historic Society said, but it was close.

As it turns out, a year before “the” Declaration of Independence, there was another one in Mecklenburg County near what is now Charlotte, N.C., and it was signed by two of my ancestors who were summarily punished for the act.  My grandmother attended a historical pageant about the event, and was disappointed to find our glorious forebears in a bar in most scenes.  Still, as you may have gathered, there’s a certain vein of patriotism running within apparently due to this history.

The other side of the family descends from the Byrds of Virginia, which I don’t need to tell you are one of the founding families of America, which actually I am telling you just to make sure you do know, because I am Southern, and you need to know about this so you can effing kneel down right now before me according to certain relatives.

But I digress.

Both sides of the family, though Southern, apparently came to different conclusions as to the merits of the Civil War (notez bien from my paternal Byrd grandmother: there was nothing civil about it, it was The War Between The States), so we have a mixed history.

Having been descended from hangants, however, the fierceness of “all men are created equal” does seem to be imbedded in a passionate way.  So.  Go eat hot dogs tomorrow, we are not equal yet but we will be.  See you back on the field on the fifth, where we will all do each of our lgbtq compatriots proud.

And I hope the new baby George the royal family just had takes after the ugly side of the family.


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