Work to Retirement is Clearly Going to be as Tricky as College to Work

Time for a one-trick pony to find a second trick.  Or a second pony.

Retirement is likely ten years off.  But it’s clear watching others that this is exactly the time to start “the transition” to something else.

There was the guy who couldn’t wait to retire.  He got his thirty years at age 51, retired — and realized everybody else his age was still working.  It was him and the eighty-year-olds at the church.  Since then he’s turned into a forest ranger.  Which is not a joke.  He turned into a fifty-two-year-old forest ranger.  Worse, a very hot fifty-two-year-old forest ranger, which is annoying.

There was the guy who spent his last work years obsessed with how the retirement system would screw him in retirement.  He retired.  It didn’t.  He had nothing to talk about or think about after that.

There was the guy who only talked about how much he hated working, and how he looked forward to doing nothing.  He retired.  He hated it.

The smart ones go from full-time to part-time, from five days down to four, down to three, down to two, down to special projects…al the while turning up the heat on other projects.  It turns out your family and the grandkids may not keep you as busy as you think they will, particularly when the grandkids hit the teen years and college.

So recognizing this, I went in search of the other ponies in my life I hadn’t fully pursued.  I tried out for a play at a professional theater.  I got cast.  In a part that finishes the play off with an eight minute monologue.

Holy crap.  I have a rocker.  I have a porch.  I know how to find Gaydio on the interweb.  The cat loves me.  Next year I want to go to ComicCon to meet my second husband Mark Ruffalo.

A play?  What is wrong with me?

Sigh.  Life does not necessarily get easier if you’re creeped out by boredom.

Or want to be a forest ranger.







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